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How To Hide Knots On The Lace Wig

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4x4 Lace Wig looks more natural, wigs usually have bleached knots, but these knots can look unnatural, we will have to do something to hide the knots and lace, next, this blog has some hidden knots A step of.


Why Treat Lace Knots Without Bleaching

There are easy ways to deal with those 4x4 Closure Wig knots without bleaching. A lot of people bleach knots because it's less stressful and fairly long-lasting, but we don't always recommend doing this because it can damage your hair just as easily.


There Are Five Steps To Hide The Knots


1.Place the 4x4 Lace Closure Wig upside down on the foam or mannequin head and pin the wig firmly to the foam/manikin head.


2.comb lace wig

apply the lace and melt it down using rat tail comb


it looks the knots are bleached so as you can see with this wig the knots are very very visible like in your face visible


3..tweeze excess lace


i would just tweeze it out a bit just so it looks a little bit more realistic ,gonna go ahead and cut the lace off get rid of that extra lace,i like to go in with my scissors.


4.add foundation

Find the right shade of concealer, your scalp is usually two to three shades lighter than your face.with this product but i'm just gonna add just a little bit of my foundation powder just because i feel like it's just a little bit light like it's a little too light from my skin tone to get it to match my skin a little bit better.


it's looking like it looks really good like she is giving me scalp with no grid lines ,Nasty wig knots and meshes will remain hidden until the next wig wash.


Step 5:

Finally,Undo your wig and rock it proudly as if it were your natural hair.



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