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How To Choose the Best Way to Dry Wig

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This blog is a detailed introduction to the three methods of drying your Headband Wigs. Next, learn and choose the best way to dry your wig.


There are three main ways to dry your hair: blow-drying, air-drying, and towel-drying.


1. Drying your 360 Lace Wig can temporarily brighten your hair as the cuticles of your hair are forced to flatten, but heat styling can damage your hair. Both men and women blow dry their hair to make it straighter, shinier, and add volume. These benefits are temporary, however, blow drying often causes your ends to split faster due to moisture loss and heat damage. If you particularly like the benefits and simply can't give up, be sure to use a heat-blocking serum before each blow-dry, and regularly trim the ends of your split ends before moving up further. Taking these steps can minimize damage to your 360 Lace Frontal Wig.


2. For those who need a quick fix for wet hair but don't care if their hair is shiny, towel drying is usually the best way to gently towel dry hair, but for those who want the healthiest hair , which is still not the best way. The best way to towel dry is to dry your hair with a towel instead of rubbing the towel vigorously over your hair. Sometimes, especially if you have a lot of hair, it's necessary to use multiple towels to dry your hair thoroughly in a reasonable amount of time. Hair should be left dry before brushing for best results.


3. Air-drying hair: If your primary concern is having healthy hair, air-drying is generally the best way to dry your hair. All other methods will cause damage to some extent, but air drying is completely natural and allows your hair to dry the way it was meant to be. Air drying is generally recommended for people with curly hair to avoid breaking fine curls. Applying a coat of conditioner while your hair is still damp can also help maintain soft and silk and prevent frizz.

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