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What Is All About Hair Extension

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Hair extensions and T Part Wig are both great ways for women to add volume to your hair, and it can also change your hairstyle. To help you find out what a hair extension is, we've listed the concept of hair extensions and their pros and cons here.


What is a hair extension?

Hair extensions, also called hair tissue, are real or artificial hairs that fit tightly onto a person's scalp, adding length and/or thickness to a person's natural hair. They are very easy to install and remove. With proper care, you can use T Part Lace Wig for a long time. It is also available in a variety of colors and styles.


Advantages of hair extensions: hair extensions are easier to fit into the consumer's budget, it's not a full Transparent Lace Wig, just a partial wig.


It is added on women's hair, clipped directly onto existing hair, and the installation method is very easy. It is more flexible to wear and can usually be worn in several ways. Because it can attach hair extensions in many different ways.


It is important to choose the right hair extension texture to better match the wearer's natural color. The extension stays in place throughout the day and doesn't require frequent adjustments.


Disadvantages of hair extensions: Not recommended for people with short or fine hair, this is because extensions add weight to the hair and after a few washes it loosens, releasing some of the strands. Experts generally do not recommend this method for fine hair.


Less commonly, extensions can be joined using a cold fusion method. Fusion usually takes several hours to complete and a similar time is usually required to remove, although this depends on the specific technique and adhesive used.

You'll need to find a trained professional to do the job, because if it's not done well, you can cause serious damage to your hair


It needs to be taken off before going to bed. Wearing hair extensions while sleeping can easily lead to hair damage.

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