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How Do You Wear Human Hair Weave

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Human hair weave hair is to help cancer patients or other hair that no longer have hair.


Headband Wigs Human hair weaving is a hair extension of 100% of the human hair rather than artificial synthetic hair. These fabrics are sutured, made into braids or sticky in natural hair, making it looks longer.


What is 360 Lace Wig human hair weave

Human hair organization is usually obtained from people selling hair. These people's hair is for additional money or a good reason for selling or donating their hair. Many people prefer to use people's hair organization rather than other materials. Because of its natural and reality of the appearance, the 100% original REMY hair is sewn and the original keratin is sewn, and smooth double latitude.


How to wear human hair weave

Human hair 360 Lace Frontal Wig can have a variety of different wear, but the most popular and permanent methods are suture, knitting and bonding. Choosing a hair type with people's natural color is wise. Once the hair is collected, it will be classified, stained, and coated with chemicals to make gloss and easy management.


1. For sewing, the designer first woven the customer's hair in his or her head and crown so that they are usually invisible. Next, sew a small piece of braid in the strainer with a line.


2. Adhesion: Use the method similar to the glue, but the human hair is actually sticking to the braid.


3. The role of the braids is different, there is no need for glue or line; the hair stylist only needs to weave the braid to the customer's hair.



How long does the human hair weave last?

The extension of the human hair is usually more natural than the synthetic material. Once the you wear human hair weaving, it may last for several weeks or even half of year, depending on the health of the hair and the degree of care of the customer.

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