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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Making Major Changes to Harv's Island

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Released in March 2020 during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nintendo's island life simulator Animal Crossing: New Horizons offered individuals all throughout the planet a way of unwinding, travel, and associate with friends while stuck in isolation. Presently, over a year after the fact, designer Nintendo is proceeding to make updates to the game. It was teased in September's Nintendo Direct that Animal Crossing: New Horizons would get new substance soon, and a Direct exclusive to the game on October 15 reported that the following free update is scheduled to drop on November fifth. 

As previously teased in September, the update will permit fan most loved person Brewster the pigeon to make his introduction in the game. Brewster will open a bistro called "The Roost" inside Blathers' museum, where players will actually want to purchase delicious cups of espresso as well as other mysterious items such as "Pigeon Milk." Players can use Animal Crossing-themed Amiibo cards to welcome specific characters to drink espresso with them, while others may arbitrarily fly by for a visit and a talk. 

Another major change is going to Harv's Island, an area where players can visit Harvey's photo studio and have their image taken against various backdrops and alongside an assortment of props. As of the November update, Harvey will welcome his companion Harriet to go along with him on the island. The player can cooperate with Harriet to pay Bells and set up various dealer stalls and caravans, making a bustling court. Visitors to the square incorporate Sahara, who sells rugs and wallpapers, Katrina, who tells the player's fortune, and some more. Plus, delightful couple Reese and Cyrus will set up a stall permitting players to customize pieces of furniture that couldn't previously be customized. In case that wasn't sufficient, Harriet will also rehearse her haircutting skills on the player, adding several new hairdos to the game. 











While the update highlighting the changes to Harv's Island will be free to all players who own New Horizons, one more component reported in the Direct will expect fans to play extra cash. The Happy Home Paradise DLC adds Paradise Planning, a service where players can cooperate with Tom Nook to plan and fabricate getaway homes for various islanders on a gorgeous resort archipelago. Glad Home Paradise will also dispatch on November fifth and will cost $24.99 

Different updates incorporate the expansion of Kapp'n, a kappa character who can take players on boat tours, and gyroids, mysterious items that players can uncover on their islands. The stock of the in-game Nook's Cranny store will also be extended. 

For players who can hardly wait for the November update to encounter invigorating new substance, Animal Crossing: New Horizons as of late dispatched its yearly Halloween festivity. Notwithstanding the arrival of special spooky seasonal items from last year, three new items have been added to the game. These are the Spooky Trick Lamp, Spooky Tree, and Spooky Treats Basket, which can be used by players to brighten their island or home.

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