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We first noticed this season's crop of tiny cardigans at Maryam Nassir Zadeh's latest show, in the form of a cyan blue sheer blouse with a tie around the neck, layered on top of a black triangle bikini top. The key to the perfect fall wardrobe begins with the right foundations: timeless basics you can Valentino Sandals freely mix, match, and layer.

I remember seeing how the models glided down the S/S 13 runway in crisply pleated trousers that pooled around their feet, LaPlaca wrote, and thinking to myself, Whoever brought this to life understands me. Once again, post-pandemic dreams of freedom and revelry are coming to life on the runway in the form of celestial applications of glitter and artful hair characterized by vibrant color, directional craft, or well-placed ornaments.

Instead of introducing a singular defining trend, it was a decade where many fashion tribes emerged, each with a signature style. In contrast to more elaborate saris, which can cost upwards of 1,000, Sood says that she's able to keep the price of her Up-Sari set somewhere in the middle of the spectrum by sourcing more simple garments.

The cyber marketplace is teeming with unique finds ripe for a retail coup de foudre, and we can almost guarantee its DIY kits and crafty jewelry will have you at first click. I like Valentino Shoes that it continues to push the boundaries in fashion, and I'm excited to be a part of their history now.

There has been a proliferation of new shops in New York in the last few years. Some days it can be kind of very calm, a very beautiful dappled sky. It's a simple recipe and a pairing that's both comfortable and stylish-versatile, even. Ultimately, designers are going to be winning if they show how a skirt or any item of clothing can be worn by anyone, instead of just one specific type of person, thereby changing the narrow definitions of gender we've seen on the runway.

Satenstein, 32, is a big fan of well-chosen vintage, and she recently splurged at James Veloria, a store in Manhattan's Chinatown that deals in designer pieces. Fashion month has come and gone. Amanda Valentino Sneakers Gorman, co-chair of the event, wore a Vera Wang Haute gown, designed to embody the Statue of Liberty, and a book-shaped clutch with the words, Give Me Your Tired, in reference to the poem engraved on the monument.

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