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Golden Goose on the runway at Milan

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We first spotted it Golden Goose on the runway at Milan Fashion Week last September. Now, don't get us wrong We, too, love cool, of the moment silhouettes and the endless style inspiration from the IG pros that wear them. Another season, another round of eye catching campaigns from our favorite luxury brands.

Bieber posed with her body in profile, displaying a tiny high cut bodysuit that exposed her entire left hip and gente hip tattoo as well as a large swath of Golden Goose Shoes skin stretching below her armpit and down to her waist. Over one million people pre ordered the masks, and most recently, 750,000 signed up to be notified of a KN95 restock that has since sold out.

Another fashion month is in the books, which means that we at Fashionista have been busy keeping an eye out the biggest trends on and off the Fall 2021 runways. Instead, we're taking to the streets of New York as parodies of the fashion editors, bloggers, street style stars, and influencers we are.

V Major, who's been making music since junior high school, sees her clothing as another tool of self expression. On September 1, the supermodel was named creative director for luxury fashion e retailer FWRD. It's easy, it's no fuss, it's low cost. Wiley was drawn to the show for its Everyday People connection, while Thompson was looking to hang out and make connections, having recently moved from Las Vegas after months of poker tournaments.

At the event, Page was honored with the Standout Performance of the Year Award for his portrayal of the Duke of Hastings in Shondaland's smash hit. But we also want to balance that Golden Goose Sale with authentic human moments. To get the look, reach for work ready pieces like a sleek dress.

And while the heels will now hold a forever spot on our mental wishlist, it was the model's black bodysuit that really caught our attention. What I found was a group of brilliant young women who work and inspire a whole new world. Bill was chasing people down the street who had style and somehow they mixed things up.

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