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How to Confidently and Competently Engage in Difficult Conversations

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Imagine a world in which you no longer avoid conflict. You appreciate the need for and the benefit of engaging in healthy conflict. You boldly align your words and actions to the results you want without falling into fight or flight mode.

The inability for leaders and co-workers to effectively set boundaries, to delegate, to hold colleagues accountable and more, due to fear, comes at a cost. The same occurs when peers feel helpless to voice their thoughts and concerns as well. 

Speaker Bio:-

Dr. Melissa Healy is  a performance and communication strategist. Organizational leaders and individuals hire Melissa when the inability to effectively communicate and navigate conflict impacts workplace well-being and their bottom line.  Melissa supports them in getting out of their own way, while confidently and competently engaging in conversations they used to avoid at all costs. She knows that accepting the challenge of uncomfortable conversations and conflict is the exception, not the rule, and that you are up for the challenge.

Event Link: https://www.ewomennetwork.com/event/how-to-confidently-and-competently-engage-in-difficult-conversations-7363/register

Event Location: 

The Pinery at the Hill
775 Bijou St.  
Colorado Springs CO 80905
United States

Contact Number: 719-661-7483

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