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Is your watch real ?

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Well , what if you're wearing a rep watch on your wrist and someone asks about it authenticity? 


Let me share a fun story here , I bought a AAA Oyster Perpetual replica watch online. Since it was the first copy , it looked nothing less than the original , a friend of mine was shocked to see it on my wrist. He straight away inquired " Is it real bruv ? No freakin way " . I took the watch off my wrist and gave it to him so he can give it a thorough check himself. He was absolutely baffled when the watch turned out to be fine as a wine. He was even more shocked when I told him that it is a replica watch , so I explained him about AAA graded watches and their existence. Then I told him about the few trusted dealers from where I purchase my rep stuff. 

Ergo , it's alright to be vocal about your replica wears if the quality is good enough.


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