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What's UP from Denmark/DK

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Got a tip from reddit to check this out as i have a question/problem ive been going with along time.

Been looking at reps for a long time, really wanted to buy, but i have discovered that the customs here in Denmark is very hard on watches for some reason. Even tho you get them to label the watch with a small price on the package, the customs confiscated my AP rep some month ago, lost the money, and lost the willingless to try again.

But here i am, im not done! Do anyone know a good idea on how to 'jump the fence'  with the tax and customs here in DK,? So i wont have any problems. I dont know if its allowed but the best working method will be compensated, either thru paypal or something? dunno if its allowed, BUT IM DESPERATE GUYS, I WANT ALOT of reps in the longrun 


Been looking at forwarding companies in germany and so on, but i want to know if there is the ultimate way to ship from china to EU/DK ? Do you choose a specific shipping company or ..



Sorry for the long post.... 


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