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Agree completely. Everyone is building construction building

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I played a man last weekend; legit ran jet sweep every single play. No matter my strategy I couldn't stop it. Somehow he could take it straight up the  Mut 21 coins center every time when I really contained the exterior. He'd legit a $1000+ team. I found him here since he had the same id, and remarked about I am glad you spent so much updating your staff simply to exploit the game and use one play. He tried calling me out saying that I"ran cheese run and pass plays the he could not cease" and I was like. You mean I mixed up my run and pass anticipating what you may think I'm likely to run. Like an true SHEME? He said"you're shit for not being able to stop my play". These are.

Like what is the pleasure in paying their lender on a team that they utilize 1-2 cards on crime within a matter of like a variety of plays. I buy new cards and tend to play awful cuz I force them with the ball or wanna user them on D or something. Like I really do not know what thrill they get from Madden when they operate 1-2 plays and have no strategy or plan in any way. I am by no means the best player like I said. But I'm not dreadful. And I really like updating and playing my team. I have no difficulty it is just these people today take the pleasure out.

Agree completely. Everyone is building construction building but by the time you get something such as your team the game simply isn't fun. I realised in my first year, spend your coins early, don't save for mut season/zero chill/Toty it just isn't worth it. Any coins sell on the  cheap Madden 21 coins market that is open while they're worth some thing and buy yourself something nice. I finally bought myself a wonderful TV last week using the cash. Instead of giving EA of your money.

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