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34mm Reps

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Are there any decents reps of 34mm Rolexes, specifically the Oyster Perpetual Date Ref 1500 or Oyster Perpetual Ref 1002. I really like this 1002 with gray (or slate, not sure what Rolex official calls this color) dial

and this 1500 also with gray dial


No-date preferred because I've read the cyclops magnification on reps is usually noticeably less strong than on gens.

Some reps I've found:

Smooth bezel version of


Dial color seems a little off, but I noticed the colors don't seem right in most product page photos compared to the provided QC pics (compare the blue dial in




). Another problem is it's listed as 37mm, although hopefully that includes the crown.



No cyclops


Magnification seems off

Do these reps exist or maybe I'm too picky?

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There are some better matching reps of the 6694 but I always wondered why the people would pay 200 for a rep if the gen is at 800 if lucky...

If you like the 15000 I could propose a frankening...

Take case, caseback, crystal and blue dial as gen parts.


Look for a suitable movement and hands and you have a watch which without opening is indistiguishable from the gen!









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Because for 800 you will get one that is 50 years old and looks like it is 80 years old and has probably been tempered with by people who don't know what they were doing. Then you send it in for a service and pay another 800..









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I don't have a picture of it available, but I have a Tudor prince date with a gen dial that member Jmb built me.

I'd contact him and see what he can do for you. He does awesome work!

I also have a gen 6694









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