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Questions regarding the discounted Noob GMT II and EXP.II

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BK offered the Noob Exp.II and GMT II in the past.

The Exp.II's were offered in both engraved and non-engraved rehaut versions.

engraved version serial number M448188

non-engraved version serial # F520117

Both are capable of using the gen crystal (and alot more but this is regarding the crystal)

The GMT II was offered in non-engraved rehaut only (to the best of my knowledge)

While they are considered by many to have been the best ever made, the downside was they weren't able to accept the gen crystal.

But I'm seeing in BK's original offering the Noob GMT II used the case numbered F520117.

Was the Noob GMT II built on the same case the Exp.II was built on....?

or did they simply just keep using the same serial number ???

OR...is F520117 not the serial number on the GMT II cases ??

Also..am I correct in that the Noob GMT II's will not accept a gen crystal and did not have a gen like bezel construction ??

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Thanks woof.

I know he's a resident "Authority" on the GMT II's and Exp.II's......

.....perhaps he'll chime in and share some knowledge.

I'm just curious about the Noob GMT II as it has the same serial # as the Noob Exp.II

.....and the Exp.II will take a gen crystal....guess I'm hoping to hear the GMT II will too though I don't believe it will.

(hence the Exp.II to GMT II conversion...yeilds a much more gen like GMT II if a good dial (Noob or gen) can be used










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My BK GMT II is #F520117.

I have gen bezel construction (accepting gen insert), so I guess mine will not accept gen crystal.

Not a real problem if you consider you can change the mag lens









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