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Franken Datejust Midsize Completed

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Everything began when my girlfriend went with me to a Rolex AD.

While I was looking at the new Sub, at an old GMT and other stuff, I saw her staring at the datejust corner.

I said: "why don't you try it on?"

She has a very small wrist, around 4 3/4 inches and actually the lady size was perfect.

But she likes girls wearing a man's watch, and on such a small wrist, the only solution was a Boy size.

The look is exactly the same of a woman with a normal wrist wearing a men's Datejust, very sexy


She loved it so much that I decided to start a new project for her (good excuse


), looking around, but wow, midsize parts are very difficult to source! And to assembly as well..

Thanks to Stilty who did the tricky work and some good deals on VRF I found the exact same dial, case and bracelet she liked.

I just mounted the dial, hands and bracelet and finally, after months, here it is.

And the most important thing, she is really happy with it. And I am happy too.


Gen dial

Gen case and bezel

Gen datewheel

Gen Crystal

Gen crown

Gen jubilee bracelet

Omega ETA 2000-1 movement

Clark hands

Stilty's pics:




is the GEN (my budget was around 1/3)


And mine (hers






Wrist shots!




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i have a nice datejust dial sitting begging to be turned in to something if i can find a nice case think gen would be too expensive for me for this build








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Thanks guys.

I would have gone with the ladies version too, much easier to source the parts and to build, but she prefers this one.. you know how it works


Another issue was the bracelet, the removable links were not enought and I had to remove two permanent links from it. The first watchmaker said it is impossible to do, the second asked me 70$, then I brought the gen bracelet (only the bracelet) to my Rolex AD and they did it for free!








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Congrats, nice built!

I would love to make my wife wearing a Rolex...

I bought her last month a lady Datejust with a rare diamond dial in a "like new" condition for really cheap money. Saphire was broken, hands were damaged, but no marks on dial, bezel or case. I replaced the parts and give her the watch to wear it. She tried the watch on and said:"Naah, it's too much bling bling. Someone could cut off my arm on the street. Better you sell it! I still love my Tag Heuer..."

And so I did...














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Well, unfortunately a midsize is not a standard so I cannot say how much you would spend, because parts are rarer than men's size dj and prices can be fair or crazy.

I was going to buy this dial for 350$ because I really wanted it, and then by chance I found the same exact dial for 180$ brand new and with hands too.

For a men's size I can say that you can spend around 1000$ for a watch like this. And that was my budget too. With a rep bracelet you could cut costs a lot.

Anyway fair price would be:

Case crystal and bezel 250$

eta movement, $150,

dial, $150,

hands $10,

crown $50,

date wheel $50.

Bracelet $350








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