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Putting runescape on the market and making it accessible

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Something fresh NEEDS to be done. Mobile is the only thing they're currently working on that could bring runescape players back. That's only a reality based on tendencies. They fall mobile and keep on doing what they are currently doing? Cause that's going to  OSRS gold kill runescape. Even if they accelerate development and launch great updates, won't change a damn thing.Hell, the beta for cellular got me back to runescape and a number of pals. It's not a myth.And how the hell do you understand that old runescape players werent bailing from older school and also the runescape player count was supplemented by the new runescape players which we KNOW created new accounts or tucked back into older ones.

Putting runescape on the market and making it accessible to more people is almost always a good thing. Even if it only gets people talking about recalling runescape. You don't have any concept of business strategy what so ever.Even those runescape participant counts you need to me are a terrific sign of cellular working you moron. Games lose runescape players over time. People today move on. That is true with any game. Maintaining consistent amounts over the years is fuckimg fantastic.

Osrs cellphone works because runescape isn't convoluted and full. It is simple enough to allow people to have fun and easy. They should put rs3 cellular success much behind osrs to produce an estimation, I do not see anyone doing high combat in Mobile since they enjoy it, or even medium combat as away of playing runescape for example unless they are trying to prove it could be carried out. Runescape that is so great is gonna die because individuals that defend tough they want runescape to be successful is only trying to milk as much money as they can before it is finally over. Gone would be the times once I see osrs success a lot more than rs3. And when rs3 dies osrs is begging na endure the mtx and soon die too.

Just because you do not care about cellular, does not indicate that"literally nobody" else does. It sounds like you've never even played it. Sure, it is unfortunate that the supported devices list is so small (and that an actual list is non-existent), however when your device is supported it functions and runs great. The UI is fairly intuitive and I have had one crash on a update? However, that was patched by them and it is back to buy RS gold secure. I see no reason at all is horrible. It does exactly what it promised to do: allow you play RuneScape on the go.

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