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Rolex Submariner Steel Pre-Owned 16610 Custom Green

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I know it is not good wearing a replica but I am a person who evaluates a lot, if I can get the same Rolex Submariner with the same shine and movement and great quality in mere $600 to $800 dollars (swiss version) why will I ever spent thousand of dollars buying the same thing just because of the authenticity mark.

I bought a replica Rolex Submariner ,At first I was a bit scared but I am very fond of watches and I wanted to get this watch at any cost as it is one of my favorite ever since I saw it in the hands of my Dad which he is wearing everyday, but what really bothered me was the price as the original Rolex Submariner Date was very expensive $ 11010,000 which was way too out of my reach. I would have to gather my 2 year salary to get that, which doesn’t seems okay to me so I decided to give a try to the  from the website my friend told me.

I went to the website and I happened to found my favorite watch. The price was unbelievable and also for one second I was thinking if I should order or not, but anyways I was unable to get the original one so I decided to give it a try and I ordered.


I was so surprised that the prices were $298 to $6500.00 because I was ordering the best quality which is the swiss movement. I chat them over live chat on the website and decided to place the order. I was told that my order will reach me with in 5 to 6 days but it took them only 4 days to send.

The moment I received the order, I couldn’t believe my eyes, the watch was in excellent condition and I quickly run and bring my fathers watch which was an original Rolex Submariner Date but I was unable to find a difference. I was so happy that I decided to place another order and I ordered again the latest Rolex GMT Master II which has the jubilee bracelet and I just received it 2 days back and it’s awesome. Below you can see the picture and witness yourself.

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