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BP ETA 2836 Rolex Day Date 36mm Video

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I recently found the new BP Rolex DayDate 36. I had spent along time debating if the smaller, 36mm size would suit me. Turns out, it is perfect.

As expected the finishing is top notch. The crystal is so clear I can't imagine it being improved upon and the dial is completely mesmerizing, the thick lume markers are so gorgeous. The bracelet is stunning to look at and feels very well made. The clasp is tight and perfectly centered.

The style of the Day Date has always been one of my favorite designs and I decided to give it one last shot with the 36mm. This is the perfect size for those with smaller wrists (mine are 6.4'') it curves around my wrist without overhang and gaps. It is very comfortable and despite the styling very low key.

The only draw back is the thickness is 12mm but if you are used to divers this will feel much thinner.

Thick Lume Markers


Diamond Markers


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