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TF Factory Patek Philippe Tourbillon Moonphase Rep

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Since there is hardly any information about the new Patek MoonPhase line-up out there, I'll give you some first hand experience. 

At first glance the watch is indistinguishable from the GEN. So props for that! The overall finish of the watch is perfect and on par with the current products TF put out. I have been wearing it for quite a while and knocked it on quite a few tables and the balcony doors over time without any scratches or dings on the watch. In my opinion it's very well built. The colors are spot on, the materials feel expensive and overall the watch has a real expensive feel to it. 

The downside is the working Tourbillon, animated it is an Asia Manual Wind Flying Tourbillon. The indicator and everything else on the dial seems to be on par and I have a hard time to spot major flaws that would stand out right off the bat. 

For the current price and the quality you get, this is by far one of the better reps out there if you can overlook the turbid. In real life, no one is going to notice it and won't even know it's a Patek. 

Overall quite happy with the watch. Personally I would go for a black color but I really wanted to see how the 'white' looks like and how you expect it to look like.

The video link of the black dial


The white dial


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