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Part sourcing for 6263 build

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I have already been reading here for a while. With the help of the admin I managed to overcome my technical issues with the registration process and so I'm a happy member now.


My hobby is watchmaking, not only putting parts together and I am more interested in technical details of a watch than in looks, model, rareness and other stuff, a collector would be interested in. That for a short introduction of mine.


Now to topic: When I saw a 6263 I immediately fell in love with it and wanted to have one. A gen is not affordable for me. Sine I'm into watchmaking, a 7753 or venus build or even less would not do it. Even a regular V72 would not make me happy because of the wrong shock absorber, balance, balance [censored], number of vibrations per hour and all the other details concerning the movement. Right now I am working on a conversion of a V72 and collect the other parts to build a watch.


Got a cheap case from an ebay seller, already with marked inside of the case back. Also got dial and hands from ebay and a bracelet from yuki. But one important part is still missing: a black 6263 bezel. All affordeable offers on ebay seem to have disappeared. I asked watchny and they told me they don't habe black ones any more. VW and J&W are horribly expensive, Gens are even more expensive. I asked some dealers trading reps if they have a spare part but they deny. Any hints where I can get an affordeable one?


Thanks and regards

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If you are looking to put together a good build you might want to spring for the phong (J&W) bezel. With the amount of work you are putting into converting a V72, I would not skimp on a bezel, dial, or hands.


IMO, dial, hands and bezel are the primary defining factors of a watch's "user experience." Case follows shortly from there.









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It took me some time to make progress, but here are some pictures of the case and the movement. And some Questions.


Today I started to prepare the engraving between the lugs. I have pictures of a gen 6263, a gen 6265 and some watches from Ebay. And then I had a look on my gen 16014 to get supersharp and crisp pictures of the engraving. The outcome was complete confusion. Maybe you can help to overcome it.


- I do not know whether to engrave "ORIG ROLEX DESIGN" or "REGISTERED DESIGN" or nothing at all above the Reference number. Saw all of them. What should I use?


- "STAINLESS STEEL" seems to be mandatory for a steel watch. But which serial number to choose? I am thinking about using a number beginning with 44, telling that it's a replaced case. Do the other 5 digits of the 7 digit serial number follow known rules or can they be chosen randomly? How do other builders here choose the S/N they use?


When analysing the font used by rolex and copying the numbers and letters I recognized the poor Quality of the engravings on the gens. The characters seem to dance a little bit and are not well aligned. Looks like it was manually engraved by a careless worker. I think I will copy this imperfection.


Other worries: A detail making me sick ist the wrong shock absorber. And I still haven't found an affordable source for a 6263 bezel...













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Nice made over V72! From the way you have it set up: the engraved train wheel bridge renders a pre-80s model. The "Registered Design" incision and an early 6 mil serial would be safe. I too am in doubt regarding the random last 4 or 5 digit, so gurus chime in please...

I wouldn't worry too much about the alignment of letters but the laser sharpness (not laser engraving) and clean incisions is what very difficult to replicate. I have older DJ cases with both crooked and neat squary engravings from different eras, some are even left or right justified between lugs but they all have one thing in common, super sharp, narrow and clean incisions. We are on the same boat pursuing the best engraver to do the same thing, I have 3 cases from the same eBay seller, group buy? LOL

I may have a Viet bezel for you, PM me for details.

















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Thank you for your help. You got PM. So I'll engrave "Registered Design". But I'm still not sure about the serial number I'll use. I was thinking about a number with a special meaning for me, like a birthday or something like this.


I have attached a picture of the engraving on my gen Datejust to show the poor engravings. Look at the Rs from. The L is not rectangular, the E from "ROLEX" ist tilted,...










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Here's mine, look at the awkward spacing 160 14 compares to yours 1 60 14, you have a much better round "0" than my pointed one. The 1 and 6 on mine look unbelievably sharp and straight. In reality the incision is shiny and clean.

Mine has 5.6 mil serial dates it back to 1978 matches Registered Design, see Stainless Steel is right justified between lugs.

So, my attention will be how sharp and clean the engraving is carried out technically rather than the neatness of the individual font or spacing is.

That's a great idea to do the last 4 or 5 digits for some special memory or meaning unless you could find a gen to replicate everything from dial, bezel down to movement, including the vintage busted look if it is...




Blown up pics again:











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Did the engravings:





Letters are to narrow and the position is not perfect, but I can't get closer to the lugs with my angraving tool.


Here is the backside of the dial. Bought it described as repainted gen. What do you think?





I don't care if it's a repainted gen or rep. But to read this advertising [censored] "repainted with swiss ink" is always funny. ;-)






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The sellers of the bezel keeps changing ebay username keep looking and suddenly a "new seller will appear" but pictures are always the same and price its fair tho it shouldn't take more than 2 months to appear, also you can contact tonny and he should be able to source this one for you, thansk for sharing those pics, I am doing the same build slowly getting all parts.









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