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Rolex Wristies thread

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On 2017-01-08 at 2:08 PM, Nanuq said:




There are things you can't un-see. Let me try to wash the horror from your mind.




Sweet Jesus ! This will be my next Rolie !! Fell in love with these since I had a chance to hold a genuine PanAm one in my hands.. beautiful watch !


Below is my GMT II (current toy)













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13 hours ago, Pombok said:








Caci, is that a yuki dial? Did you build it, or is it out of the box?

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Built watch, V72. I'm not sure of the dial, as I bought it 10 years ago! I think it was shipped from Hong Kong. Upper text is a little bold, although I've seen some gen "DAYTONA" font that look similar.

I don't know how to link my original thread.

It is titled "Daytona Build" from April of last year...

...contains all the gory details.






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1 minute ago, jasonbaylee said:





20 hours ago, blackboxes said:










This beauty really caught my eyes!



I dont know much abt Daytona vintage, mate is this better than the Daytona Cartier that the TD claimed to be?






Do yoh have a link for this? Thx mate









"There are more than 1 road to Rome...."







Thanks :-) It's a franken 6263 that Spinmaster assembled. It's a gen service dial so can't go too wrong with that heh.









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