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Looking for a good rep of Carrera Calibre 1 Vintage PVD

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Hello to all Tag freaks


I'm searching for a Calibre 1 Vintage PVD (black). I found a few of the TD's have them & was just wondering would anyone be able to give some advise or recommend a certain purchase.

The offers (descriptions) seem to vary, for example, asian7750 . com (sorry, cant place links yet) and Trevor Time (with which I'm having trouble communcating at the moment - no reply for some time now) declare that their models have been made using an original watch as a sample + you can read that they have double AR coating.

Others (e.g. Pure Time, Trusty Time) inform that it's just "AR coating", also from Pure Time I received confirmation that the watch wasn't made using a gen as a sample (and I appreciate them being honest and professional about that kind of information).

My question is - do you think the the other one's were made with a gen & is there any difference in the watches at all (as the price range is pretty much the same for all the mentioned dealers).

Just want to make sure I get the right thing, so many thanks for any help or advise


My best,


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I worked out that there are (supposedly) two versions - the first edition with just single AR coating & an "upgrated", more accurate V2 version made with an original watch as a sample and double AR coating.

Can someone confirm that I got this right?

Thanks again,










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Dealers (almost) always buy from the same 'factories'. I guess it's the same watch.

Buy the dealer first, then the watch.


Most watches come from the same factory, supposedly generic reps, but the quality does differ. Check QC pics.

Please stay longer and use the search button and read across multiple threads before purchasing. You'd come to learn that reps are not perfect, etc. Many of your questions would be answered if you stay longer and do little more research. Its quite fun to know more anyways











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