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Carrera Day Date Calibre 16 with a white dial

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Hi guys,

I've been looking for a good white dial Carrera Day Date rep for a while now and yesterday ended up finding this forum. And i'm really glad I did!

I've been browsing through posts hoping to find a white dial Day Date rep to see if the white really is white. I'm going to purchase this watch, but not sure about the dial color. I really like the white one since many of my present watches have a black/dark dial and I'm looking for a change.

So if any of you guys know where I could see photos of white dial Day Date rep please let me know. And if you have some photos of your own watch please post them here. I saw some QC photos on Josh's website of this particular watch, but I'd like to see photos from the owners and also comments how they feel about it.

Is it a good idea to order this watch from Josh? He seems like a good guy!

You'll be seeing me a lot around here, I promise. Happy to be here!


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i own such a Calibre 16 Day Date in white with black rounded Subdials. The white of the Dial is a really bright white, a little bit like mop-silver-white, but very nice.

I´m not sure where mine is from but it must be from a TD because the Person i bought it from, only buys from Trusted Dealers. I bought her second hand a few weeks ago.










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