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Tag Grand Carrera Calibre 17 A7750 running fast

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Hi everyone!

First time posting here, but been on the boards for a month or so now. Just got my first replica in from andrew and it is beautiful! For those buying for the first time, dun let the QC pics fool you. The watch looks GREAT in person.

Anyways I'm having a little problem with keeping time. The watch runs about 10-15 seconds fast every 12 hours or so. I know this doesn't sound like much but after a week its a good 5 minutes early. Is this normal for a replica? and a A7750? If not how can I get it fixed or what can I do to improve it?

Attached is the QC pic of the calibration on how fast/slow it is running. I dunno how to read it, is someone able to explain it to me?

Thanks everyone


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sigh...unfortunately now the back rotor thing inside the case is loose and makes a noise every time i move the watch around. Its really annoying. Anyone where I can get a small screw driver (watch/jeweller's tool sets) to take apart the back and screw the rotor back on...and on that note does anyone have a video that might help guide me so i dun mess up this lovely watch.

I can't take it to someone to get it serviced...what if they confiscate it for being fake or refuse cause they think its a tag.









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Hi there. Im probably not the best person to answer this but i had a similar problem with a breitling avenger skyland and i got a case back tool of ebay and a set of jewellers screwdrivers for aronnd £10. I opened the watch up and just tightened the screw and that was it. Problem solved.

As for the watch running around 15 secs a day off track, nearly all my 7750 reps were like that but always get them serviced if i decide to keep them for a while and they run much better after that.

Hope this helps but im sure someone with some proper knolahe will tell you exactly what to do. There are some watchsmiths on here could do the service for you with no problems depending on where you are.

Hope you get it sorted but its nothing really to worry about. Fancy a grand carrera myself!! Did you get it on the bracelet or deployment?










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Before you give the watch to a Watch Smith or Jeweler ask them if they would be willing to work on it for a few extra dollars I am sure they would because money talks.









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