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Tag Link Chrono

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I've never had a rep tag. I've decided it's time to get a chrono in my collection and in deciding I came across By Tors 2006 review of the tag link chrono.

My experience of reps has led me to believe that when the factories get it right, it's not long until they change things for the worse.

I note the TD's still advertise the link chrono but wondered if it remains the same great out if the box rep as reviewed.

Any help advice or pointers on the subject would be much appreciated guys.



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You will be able to make sure in QC pics.

I've seen this watch come up on trade forums and they all seemed to be the same.

Incidentally I had this watch from a member and here are things to consider

1. Overall feel of the watch is great.

2. Outside markings are prone to be worn out if you use the watch often.

3. Supposedly the gen does not have AR either but I feel that the crystal is better on the gen... I suspect that the dial comes out better on the gen but it is a unconfirmed suspicion.

4. Movement would benefit from servicing.

5. Lume is almost non-existent.

Overall I really enjoyed the watch but I would consider the non-chrono versions and other watches with fewer external markings on the bezel as the rep paint seems to come off rather easily (tachymetre markings).









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