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Ladies ceramic F1 - anyone seen/heard anything?

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So, my girlfriend wants the above, in white. Now she has a J12 she is getting the bug!

There are some very good reps of the F1 BUT what really bugs me about the white rep is that the Tag logo is in the form of a sold metalic logo stuck onto the dial as opposed to the gen where it seems the logo is intergrated into the dial i.e. the outline is sliver and the rest white like the dial.....this is a real sticking point for me. Anyone know of any other F1 reps?? Picky, I know, but these first came out almost two years ago and this is the major flaw that needs ironing out.

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Just got back from holiday to receive a newsletter from Trusty and, guess what, a new version with much better logo etc has been released.....my girlfriend will be pleased.









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just had a look here and I was thinking if someone has pics of this watch in real?

If so PLEEAAAASSEEEE post some :-)

My wife is also quite attracted by this model (chrono + "diamond"-bezel is her favorite)

so I'm doing some research.. Christmas is coming...










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Spoiler alert ....

Here is a pic or two ... My girlfriend's GEN white ceramic F1 and my Calibre S Aquaracer

I guess this is what they should look like ....







Some of the QC pics I have seen of Reps is extremely good .... Mary and Rochest at WI will be able to help you find the watch you are looking for

Check out Josh's site ... It has the watch you are looking for plus QC pics .... I think this is your ticket mate !


Enjoy !






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