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Genuine parts suppliers - T_ag H_euer

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Hi all,

I know the control of g_enuine Ta_g Heue_r parts is extremely tight, but i am on the look out for a couple of genuine parts to finish a chrono build

1. A gen cv2014 watch face.

2. A gen 7750 automatic winder, the later one winder with the holes either side of bearing.

Hoping you can help. I had assistance from an AD to buy an official BA0794 ss bracelet (which i note is also available off Authentic Watches) but i dont want to push the friendship and for them to smell something fishy...

Cheers all and hope you can help. Happy to take PM's if you don't want to openly share info, or name AD's who are friendly...



oh btw; the underscores are in the title to stop the google spybots picking up this thread if anybody searches for it on the open net.

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