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r0bert M

Caliper--also Calibre ratings on Carrera's

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hello, i'm new to the forum & TAG heuer as well in some ways.

2 questions:

1) I understand caliper as symbol of exactness in quality engineering, yet how does this relate to "Caliper" written on element along inner ring of Carrera watch face ?


2) What does the "Calibre" represent ? --i've notice everything from small, e.g. "1" all the way to "36."


--thanx guys in advance for helping a noobie.

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Calibre is not a Tag Heuer term, this is a term used to identify and differentiate specific watch movements. the same movement with a sub seconds will get a different calibre designation


The basic movement is Cal. 5 with hour minute seconds from the centre of the watch vs Cal 6 with sub seconds at 6:00 position or a GMT function (Cal.


. Calibre 16 and 17 are chronograph movements that have different subdial layout and functions from eachother and are based off of different movements.Calibre 1887 is Tag's in house chronograph movement exclusive to the Carrera line and named after the year that Eduard Heuer patented the occilating pinion (or something


). Calibre 36 refers to the Zenith based chronograph movement that beats at 36,000bph instead of 28,800bph like a standard mechanical watch. This is why you can buy an Auquaracer or a Carrera with a Calibre 5 movement in it, the name Aquaracer refers to the case and bracelet design where the Calibre refers only to the movement inside the watch and can be fitted to different case designs. Different watch companies and even manufacturers that only make movements will differentiate their movements using the Calibre nomenclature.


On to the use of the word Caliper, this term refers to the Grand Carrera Calibre 36 Caliper system. The caliper is the rotating inner bezel that allows for the accurate measurment of 1/10th seconds using the chronograph, remember the movement for this watch beats at 36,000bph which translates to exactly 10 beats per second therefore making this measurement possible.


Hope this cleared some of this up for you. I still have trouble with Rolex model numbers, to me a sub looks like a sub, looks like a sub, why there are so many damn model numbers is beyond me, of course lots of guys refer to them by model number and know exactly which varient is being described.











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