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Proper pronunciation of Heuer

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I Love TAG Heuer and have a number of these reps. I'm especially fond of the Carreras and have 4, but also have a link 42, and an Aquaracer 500. I've also had several gens in past years. I have a 20 year old watch magazine that gives phonetic pronunciation for all Swiss watch brands.


It claims the proper pronunciation for Heuer is "Hugh-er"


My watch repair guy says the proper way for Heuer is "How-er"


Another friend who also collect the brand thinks it should be pronounced "Hoy-yer"


Is this one of those mysteries where no one know's for sure, or is there a definitive, correct way to pronounce the name?


I suspect that the best answers will come from one of the members in Germany or Switzerland, but I would appreciate any input at all.


If possible I would like to settle this question once and for all.



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