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carrera chrono comparison

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I got one from these guys...


The sample picture on the site doesn't match the description, but you will receive the correct part.


Is it safe to assume that I could use the same wheel on TAG Link Chrono?









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Seems there is a small flaw after all. The white subrings touch the 6 & 12 minute marker on the rep. On the gen there is a small gap.



Not that I`m going to say I told you so !



Just read the other post and to be honest I never noticed at all, even when

comparing the two on Friday choosing what one to wear to a dinner invitation.











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Guys, the 6/9 dial issue being wider. can a mod be completed to fix this to match the gen? ie : replace the face or something? im a newbie but this kind of thing is important. What do you think?









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if u mean the ring chapter dials, my silver dial black ring version has the size spot on

Where did you get your copy from? Do you know if the black face/red hand has the same issue?

Seems like your style is the way to go...









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yea i've noticed that too. I test fitted a GEN at an AD earlier this week - and that was something that i noticed. Here's another thing that i noticed:

thicker numbers on the bezel of the REP

Gen on the left










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