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hi all

Apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place... The Trusted Dealers section is obviously a great resource for finding places to buy reps - but I'm struggling to find a list of people who can service them?

(I've got a couple of nice reps that I really like, which need some basic repairs - the winder has detached on both)

I'm in the uk, so I guess if there are local recommendations, that'd be ideal.

Thanks for any help you can give pointing me in the right direction.







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Also may want to mention Ssteel, great guy and a great watchsmith. He is here on RWG. He is not taking new work at the present, but I would send him a PM and discuss his future schedule. He is from the UK, lives in Finland. Also Domi in Germany, great work, but he is really busy and may have a backlog of a couple of months. He is absolutely the "Go to" guy for building high dollar AP Frankens.

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^^What Mike said. Also, there's another chap next door, a member called ROLIE that is highly recommended.

I wouldn't use the other guy mentioned in the post above mine.


Let's not turn a newbie's call for help into any negative insinuations. It would only cause confusion to the newbie in addition to obvious unhappiness for the persons implicated.

Domi and SSteel are both good guys and I would recommend either. I guarantee that they would come through for you, though the time taken for different jobs would of course vary.

Let's be inclusive and give our fellow members a chance to add value to our community. Let's not divide the house with internal strife.


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