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ETA 2894-2 aka DD2020 Service?

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Anyone know someone stateside that's comfortable taking one of these on? I've read some say that they just replace the Dubois Depraz chrono module when servicing and I've read others say that any watchmaker that can do a 7750 can do one of these.


Eitherway, chronos are outside my realm of comfort right now, since I've only done 2824s and 3135s.


Anyone know someone that I can reach out to? I'm missing wearing my Gevril Tribeca.

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5 hours ago, ceejay said:




Just been watching the assembly videos of this movement. I've done plenty of 7750's but this looks like a whole new world of pain!






Good luck!




Thats what I've heard.



Let me know if you guys know any watchsmiths that are more masochistic than normal.







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I have never worked on one but owned quite a few new and used Omega Speedmasters in 1996/97 when they stuck the 2894-2W in 'Michael Schumacher' watches. They were usually good for a few years, much longer if you did not run the chronograph. The basic movement (2892 base) was Ok so they should run for years just to tell time but when the chrono module gums up it may drag the movement down with it...I do not know for sure. I remember the watches caused so much trouble that Rich's Department Stores were blowing them out for $499 (or less) and NAWCC shows were covered up with them, both new and 'factory referbs'. My guess is one 12 or 15 years old is probably ready for service if you can find someone to tackle the little DD contraption...or you could have the movement c/o and still wear the watch for years if it will run Ok with a gummy module. I've heard regular repair guys can not get the chrono modules. That is just hearsay but I have never seen them for sale..

All the chronoguts in these things are crammed under the dial making the date look like it is down in a well...one easy way to spot them. A friend who is an Ace watch repair guy described them as "Suisse Junque at its Finest".


I guess you can tell I am not much of a mechanical chronograph guy.



H&W Perrin Co. in Canada has the 2894-2W movement for a little over $1000 USD.

ST has them for about $825.

A brand new one on eBay is $510: item number 232261821049













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