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Best Cartier Santos Replica Review

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I hope you’ll agree with me when I say that fake Cartier watches are some of the most beautiful timepieces around. There’s a balance in each design element that other brands simply don’t have. As you may very well know, Cartier started as a jewelry maker and they were really good at it, having a high demand from royalty all over the world. The fact that Cartier (still) makes high end jewelry shows in their timepieces. Besides the balance, there are a lot of elements that make them unique.

But what about fake Cartier watches? Well, if we’re talking about A1 replicas, not the cheapest of the cheap ones, most of these elements can be seen as well. Don’t expect a Ronde Tourbillon replica or a perpetual calendar with skeletonized dial to look exactly like an original, but nevertheless, they don’t look bad. Actually, they don’t look bad at all, most people don’t get a chance to see one up close and I don’t want to be mean here, but if your friends own such high end watches and you’re afraid they’ll know you’re wearing a fake, don’t be a cheapskate and go buy the original, you afford it!

But enough chit chat, let’s get down to business! Here are my top 3 picks for fake Cartier watches, in no specific order.


Cartier Santos Replica

The Santos was Louis Cartier first attempt at creating a wristwatch and he presented it as a gift to his good friend Alberto Santos Dumont, a Brazilian aviation pioneer in the early 1900s. Anyway, it’s a beautiful design with lots of history and one of the best known and easy recognizable models out there. This one, by the way, is a fake Cartier Santos Dumont watch, don’t mistake it with the Santos 100 replica. The most notable differences are the bezel screws and the crown guard on the 100.

You can see why this baby made it to my top 3. It’s such a crisp looking watch, while still maintaining some class and stylish looks. Really simple, minimalistic design with only hour and minute hands, which give an interesting contrast with white dial and roman numerals. The stone on the crown is the same shade of blue and completes the fully brushed stainless steel case.

The great part about not having a seconds hands is that others can’t tell if it’s an automatic or battery ran watch. Can you guess which is it? I’ll tell you, it’s quartz operated. Despite this and the smaller size compared to many of my other watches, the weight is surprisingly good.

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