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Need help sorting out the Carrera

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After 3 weeks of daily research, I think I've spun myself silly and could REALLY use a little help.

1st: I did a few weeks of computer research and picked what I wanted

2nd: I want to the store to try the gens so I could solidify my choices

I had decided to order was a brown Carrera, but the watch store didn't have it. They did have a black one, which I really ended up liking. Was a very big/bulky watch and it stood out on your arm.

Anyway, I went home not realizing there were different sizes until...

I discovered a review that talked about the "new" Carerra rep that was the correct size. Figuring I needed another look, I went to Macy's to see what they had. The had the brown I had been looking for, ALONG WITH the original black Carerra which was MUCH wider and thicker. She said the big one was the "Grand Carerra".

So now my head is spinning - questions:

+ Is the "Grand Carerra" the big one, and how can I tell that's the rep I'm ordering?

+ Is the older/cheaper Carerra rep that is 2mm smaller than the new rep still thick and pretty darn close in size, or is it the size of the brown carerra I tried on

I really appreciate the help. I want the big black Carerra I tried on at the store, but I'm not sure if I can order the cheaper version and get something close or if only the new version will do it.

Thanks big time,


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Sorry, can't answer your question about the Carreras.

Do like your avatar.

Is that a gen or rep AC15?



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1. The Brad Pitt Tag Carrera Chronograph is 41MM this is Date only.

2. The New Tag Carrera Chronograph (Day Date) in Black or White is 43MM

3. The Grand Carrera Chronograph is 43MM

Which one did you order? If you ordered #2 the rep makers did make a 41MM version call it V1. The newer version call it V2 is 43MM as per the gen.


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I am a HUGE Tag fan and I have 2 out of the 3 watches that you asked about. I have:

The Carrera:

http://www.watcheden.com/tag-heuer-carr ... 0-p-1.html

The Grand Carrera

http://www.timeshops.net/TG5551_-_Tag_H ... 24-419.htm

.... (although you didnt ask about this one)...the Grand Carrera Calibre 8 (for bumming around in)

http://www.timeshops.net/TG7015_-_Tag_H ... 019-11.htm

I can say that the Carrera and the Grand Carrera are extremely accurate to the gen. I like the Carrera rep so much I purchased the gen version (different color than the rep). There are slight differences between the rep and the gen Carreras but you would have to have the watches side by side to notice them (if you cared enough too).

I can honestly say that the Grand Carrera rep is one of the nicest reps I have in my collection. I bought it as a gift for my brother but when I saw it I couldn't part with it. It costs a little more but it is worth it (IMHO).

You didnt ask about the Calibre 8 but as a tag fan I wanted you to know that it is a nice watch as well. Although it is not an actual GMT (instead of a different time zone at the 6 - you have running seconds instead)... it makes a fine little beater.

Personally the Calibre 16 has not moved me enough to purchase it as I consider it a little too busy for me.... but I am considering it.

Hope this helped....


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