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Changing battery on Tag Heuer Monaco Sixty Nine

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Could anyone give me any pointers as to how you go about changing the battery on a Tag Heuer Monaco Sixty Nine please? The display on the digital side has gone so I expect the analogue side to stop working any day now.

I have taken the four screws off the analogue side, and opened the case, however it seems to be pretty sealed and I suspect I may have to remove the hands (at which point its time for me to bow out


) unless anyone knows another way?

It's the $108 version off Rolex2U (if that makes any difference!)



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I've got the same watch from Tony.

I opened it up a while back cos the digital movement runs fast (20sec/day) while the analogic is perfect, so I wanted to see what I could. The only thing I was avble to learn is how to answer your question.

Easy to do: The digital 'plastic movement casing' is kind of digged in its middle to leave room for the analogic movement. Do not remove the hands, just pull away carefully the digital dial; see the following pics:




I also took pics of the batteries you need 2 LR41 for the digital movement:


and 1 SR621SW for the analogic movement:



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I just did a Rotary Revelation, and suspect they may be the same.

The Rotary has a split stem system, so once the crystal and bezel are removed, the dial/movement can be "jiggled" until the stem can be seen. Then the stem is turned until the "key" area in the stem is in the correct axis, and the stem is then split apart. (This can take a little force)

Suggest reading up on split stems,

http://montresuisses.blogspot.com/2007/ ... watch.html

(This is another method of dealing with it, but explains the principles.)

So if the Tag does run a split stem, which I suspect, this will be your answer.

The other way to overcome this is to grasp the stem inside the casing with a set of needlenose, and screw the crown off, if this is possible, You then can jiggle the movement dial out sideways.

Once the top movement is out, you have easy access to the 2nd below it.


EDIT, I see an alternate answer was posted whilst I was composing this.

OK so of course the digital dial doesn't have a stem as such!


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