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Tag Heuer 300 SLR

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Looks interesting, my first impressions are that the date window is not accurate (the gen's window has rounded edges). Also all carrera reps i have seen before usually have larger fonts in in the inner bezel than the gens (very obvious in the word "Tachymetre" that usually looks huge in the reps compared to the gens). Hard to tell from the pics if the inner bezel font is correct. Would be very interesting to see live pics of this rep.


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The rep looks good, but the lugs seem to be of a different shape in the rep compared to the gen... The lugs look slimmer on the rep, while on the gen, the lugs extend all the way up to the 4 o'clock pusher.

I really hope they could make a good rep of a Careers Cal.1887. I've been eyeing this for a long time now...


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I have wanted a good rep of this watch for some time now.

I bought a few things from TrustyTime (apparently not a TD here but on RWG) and have experienced excellent customer service. No Engrish here in communication. I noticed that they had a 1:1 replica of this watch for sale and the price was reasonable so I bit the bullet and went for it. I'm always skeptical of 1:1 claims so I purchased without too high an expectation.

Payment was made, QC pics received within 24 hours and shipped after that. From time of payment to it being on my wrist, it took 6 days with EMS postage.

I normally wear Rolex and Pateks so I don't know what I'm looking for with this watch in terms of gen comparison. However, to me, it is beautiful. The leather is soft and has a pleasant aroma. The clasp is smooth and operates without a hitch. Chrono works perfectly, lume is super bright and caseback engraving look the goods.

Enjoy the pics (but excuse the dust)...








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When I have seen this one on PT's website couple of days ago, the thumbnail was not attractive at all. Last night I gave it a try, I clicked. OMG! the video on PT website really opened my eyes on this watch.

After a couple of research on the net I found this french forum, where a guy bought the gen and posted pics of it. See page 2 of this thread:




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I've never seen a gen of the watch in person except in photos on the web. It's quite a hard watch to capture because the face changes colour with light and angle. Cleanup, you're probably right about the date wheel font and placement of tachymetre. I picked up that the engraving of the SLR is not as sharp and well defined as that of the gen. No one sees it on the wrist anyway.

I've had a chance to wear it all weekend and I have to say I'm really drawn to the way this watch looks. This is my current favourite. It's elegant and captures the racing heritage of the past, being competitive and yet gentlemen like nature. Hard to explain but the design of this watch speaks to me more than others in my watch box.


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