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Easily Ladies' Watch Replica of The Year - Hublot Ladies

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Just received today! Most pictures are Mrs Guru's watch, occasional pictures of the twin for my sister and the bigger companion, Hublot Big Bang Black Magic (soon will be Mr Guru's watch).

Just enjoy these pictorials... Review coming up tomorrow. I think I should thanks the dealer too - hontwatch for quick delivery and excellent time piece.
























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Guest Guru


Mrs Guru is totally happy, what a great watch. Fits nice to the Black Magic.

The Black Magic will be a Franken project, new raised high crystall, relumed hands,

both mods from Taka, smooth HBB strap from Pix, gen 7750 movement and modded

rotor from Domenico.

Thx for the Pix my friend, made our day!


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This post will annotate the pictures that I have posted earlier. So if you need pictures, please refer to my earlier post.

Background Information

It all started in 2005 when Hublot introduces the Big Bang. The concept is pretty simple. It's a "fusion" of various materials such as stainless steel, rubber and titanium, among others that make the watch. It has created quite a stir with Mr Biver at the company's helm. Having to win Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix in 2006, Hublot gains a lot of momentum in promoting its new Hublot Big Bang line. Then, it was and still is targeted as a masculine watch with more than 44mm in diameter.

Then comes 2008. In BaselWorld 2008, realising the potential of larger market, Hublot starts to introduce ladies model with smaller diameter with/without the chronograph. The non chronograph version comes with quartz movement and diamond bezel was priced at about 5000Eur at that time. Hublot targets the affluent who crave for style and fashion. Many considered this as a bold move and it seems that Hublot made the right decision. Not only ladies version, Hublot introduces bigger Bang at 49mm too.

This writing revolves around Big Bang Ladies in 39mm in Quartz. This was not catalogued in Hublot newest catalogue but the genuine does exist. The model that I saw during Baselworld is the Tutti Frutti Orange with Orange baguette bezel in Quartz.

Why white?

Going with the trend, I think white is the new black. Beside, white looks neutral on many dresses/clothing types. Black would have been a bit of "boring" choice in my opinion.

Why diamonds?

Well, this watch supposed to be a bling-bling watch. The blinger the better IMHO.

Why Quartz?

This is a ladies watch. If you ask the ladies around, they would have preferred Quartz to manual wind/automatic movements any time. Save the technical details guys, most likely they are not interested. Just change the battery regularly/promptly after it stops, otherwise you are risking spoiling the circuit. Low maintenance, you don't need to set the time every couple of days when you don't wear the watch. For Automatic watch, some go for watch winders... It's again considered like a chore.

About the watch

The replica clearly addresses the pitfall of replica chronograph men's version. It comes with quartz movement with closed caseback, so how the movement looks like is not important. This model does not come with date function, again eliminates flaw on date font problem. Not only that, the crystal is high raised up like the genuine now and comes with good AR coating too.

One complain is the H screws may need tightening. This is worst than the men's chrono version. Some screws look too loose. You can't use the existing screwdriver, you need to custom made one to tighten the screw. The bigger men's version doesn't work.

The clasp does not hurt on this model, guaranteeing high wearing comfort. It feels light on the wrist but the bling factor is definitely there.

I wish the caseback would have been more elaborately decorated but not in this case (both genuine and rep have this caseback).

The lume... This one comes with very decent lume. More like C1 quality that you see from Costeau Divers. It doesn't hold the charge as long as genuine C1 but the initial bright is considered good for a replica.

Some more comments

With this kind of replica, I think we are going to see another golden age of ladies replica watches powered by quartz movement. I would say that this watch can easily be the ladies' watch replica of the year. Good thing for you who want to "bribe" the missus.


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you are right about women not liking auto movements. my wife almost never wears her gen yacht master because it needs to be set. she will pick up her quartz bulova instead. as you can imagine it is disappointing to me but it's just the way it is.

brietling don't even make a auto ladies watch, they are all super quartz. i wish the rep factories would make a good ladies breitling. i will have to show her this watch and see what she says.


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I have a black dial with the SS bezel on the way from PT.My question is does the ss bezel is accurate also or fantasy.I would be most aprisiate.


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I have seen the orange colour with baguette diamond. I think it could be the case that the genuine black dial with plain bezel may exist. There are so many versions of Hublot in the market. I guess just take your pick. However, this white with diamond bezel exists. Seen it at an AD here.


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It will just point to main page. Click on Collection then big Bang, choose big bang 38mm then steel then the first one.

I am afraid that all of them comes with diamond bezel. Either encrusted round type or baguette type.


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