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HBB Skeleton Tourbillon: "Gotham Bang" + Video

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Hi All,

This post is long over due since I've gotten this watch from theflyingdutchman in July 2012.

If I'm not wrong, this watch is one of the five which had full black ceramic case (no longer in production, current ones are PVD) with Golden hands.

Finally decided to post this since there was another recent thread about the skeleton tourbillon and how to make it as close to the gen as possible.

However, this thread is NOT about how to make it as close to the gen as possible, since this watch is already a fantasy watch, why not make it YOUR fantasy?

I got inspired by The Dark Knight and decided to call this one the "Gotham Bang".


After I got it from TFDM, I did a couple of things to it:

1: swapped the silver to a golden crown to complete the look

2: Scratched off the white paint on the case back (cause it just looked so bad)

3: Bought a donnerix hornback for it

4: Swapped a ceramic bracelet , matt black bezel and lug plates (from ABII) just for the hack of it to see how it would look.

Ok enough talk, presenting the GOTHAM BANG:

Bruce Wayne in a Tux - With Polished Ceramic Bezel:



With Donnerix Hornback:


Batman in Stealth Mode - With Matt Black Ceramic + lug plates + bracelet:





Some Close ups:

The Golden Buckle:



Does this remind you of the Bat mobile ?


Last but not least, the Stunning Tourbillon!

Notice the wave pattern surrounding the gem, you can only notice it if you use a macro lens.



Here's the VIDEO of the Tourbillon Closeup. This watch is loud as the skeleton case amplifies the ticking.


Lemme know what you think


Thanks for looking


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Really digging the sandblasted matt bezel & lugplates alongside the polished outer case. You just gave me a new case idea...

I'm actually surprised Hublot has never designed a ceramic case w/ this combo. It is a really unique look. Congrats on this great piece!


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How hard was it to swap crowns? Did u have to swap from another tourby (crown and pin) or did u just keep the original tourby crown pin and just swap to a rg crown from another model?


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After 20 watches and 2 years on, it still features as one of my favorite watches...

Every time I see it, I'm still tempted to just put it on . Nowadays I just keep it on the bracelet, my modded all black II is now just used for spares





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