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Grand Carrera Calibre 36 - A7750 or Japan Quartz

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My apologies as I am new to the board and rep movements so my question may be somewhat silly, but I couldn't really find the information I was looking for doing a search. I am looking into getting the Calibre 36, but have the option of the A7750 or Japan Quartz. I wanted to see if anyone has experience with either of these movements in the Calibre 36 and what their recommendation is. I heard the A7750 has issues with the seconds @ 6 but I haven't heard much about the Japan Quartz.

I appreciate the input and assistance!

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From what I've heard recently, it seems that asians 7750 are not quite reliable, except for the sec@6 version, but if I remember well the Calibre 36 has center seconds, so I guess it should be fine.

Personnaly I'm still staying away from asians 7750 because I'm affraid of reliability issues, but I'm not sure it's a reasonable fear anymore



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I've got both versions of this watch. The 7750 I got about 5 months ago in stainless steel. It has performed flawlessly. It is a few millimetres thicker than the gen, but that hasn't worried me. The watch in general has that precision look about it that says "expensive". BTW, the seconds are at 9, in the vertical slot.

All the functions operate just like the gen.

I have received 2 quartz versions only a couple of weeks ago. One is the stainless steel the other is the black PVD with rubber strap. These quartz versions use the Miyota OS20 movement. So far they hold good time, but they don't have quite the caché of the 7750. The AR is not as good if it exists at all, the functions don't operate like the gen, e.g. forget sub second timing, as the seconds pulse a second at a time, making the caliper slider useless, also the vertical slot counts minutes not seconds and the wheel at 6 counts seconds not hours. The clasp on the rubber band is bulky and looks cheap, but the SS band is quite good and similar to the 7750 one.

The quartz models are thinner, but that doesn't make up for the other shortcomings. The 7750 also has the glass back which is nice, the others a solid back. Overall you get what you pay for, the 7750 is about $350, the quartz (in my case) $150. If you wanted the look (while on the wrist) without going the bigger $$$, I'd go for the quartz stainless steel. It doesn't have the absolute look of the 7750, but it is less than half the money.




Just make sure you get photos first, as the quartz models start at around $60 with some dealers and at that level they are much worse than the $150 versions.


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I have a question about the Grand Carrera as well...

What's the difference between the Calibre 36 RS and the RS2?

If you look at these links from Puretime:



It's 348 for the RS vs 398 for the RS2. Besides the case and bezel differences, why the price difference?


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I got it from Puretimewatch about 6 months ago, but any of the trusted dealers will have it. As far as I know there is no Swiss ETA of this watch, some will say there isn't even a Swiss ETA in any replica watch (stand to be corrected here).

I've since passed this one on, to my son-in-law. He kept pestering me about it, but now I miss not having it, so will be buying another one soon.

BTW, he's had a problem with it, in that the hour hand would catch on one of the raised points on the dial, so I've since had to repair it. Took me a while to find out that the access to the dial is not by removing the movement, but by prying off the bezel and glass assembly. Anyway, it's all good now and he's happy once more.


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Modified A7750 is probably just the newer iteration of this clone movement. The sec@ 6 versions (which most Carreras run) has proven to be the most reliable of the A7750 movements, but not as reliable as non-chrono movements. The newest iteration is supposed to help ease friction and strain on the drive train created by the extra gears needed to run sec@ 9 or 12 or 3. AFAIK the sec@ 6 movement is relatively unchanged.

Beautiful watch IMO, and one that is also on my list. Personally, though... I'm waiting for more positive reviews on the A7750 movment watches.


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Hi, I've recently purchased the Calibre 36 RS (3 weeks ago) with 7750 movement from puretime and as of today it's completely stopped, I can't get it ticking. Previously when left for a number of hours it would stop but on picking it up and setting time it would get going again. Any Ideas?


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I love this watch

I have a genuine tag grand carrera

and this one kicks ass in fit and finish

The only issue is its a few millimeters (approx. 20-25% ) thicker than gen

Its the biggest give away that its a rep to the ones in the know, most people don't have a clue

turn heads with this sucker

see email pics above as a comparison ( use the zoom) its a masterpiece

(Left Gen Right Rep)

7750 no problems so far (Purchased at idolreplicas )

Questions ask Becky at .... always quick to respond

Jake Rider


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I have the quartz version from Rob at T4D. It was my first rep, PVD wih a PVD bracelet, and I couldn't be happier. Awesome watch, awesome price, awesome transaction.

Can't go wrong - the TAG 36 has a sense of gravitas. Every time I wear it, it gets compliments.

Works great, chronos function, keeps great time.




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