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My new Carrera Racing, CV2014.FT6007

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This is a rep, super franken but still a rep


Gen Tag cal.16 movement

Gen movement holder tabs and screws

Gen crown

Gen hands (chrono)

Gen gaskets

Gen box/warranty card

Custom engraved caseback serial to match gen warranty card.

Clasp mod harder spring and polished edges to feel smooth with very good rep rubber strap.

Pressure tested to gen specs at 5 atm.


Next gen hands (hour, minute)

Bezel insert replacement

Gen SS bracelet.

But no gen dial as the rep is pretty much 1:1 already...

But the factory rep with the A7750 is still quite good (on rubber) the rep bracelet is horrible...


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My rep bracelet is really good. My old rep bracelet was OK but had a crap clasp. It used to open pressing one button and a bit of a wiggle.

My colleague has a gen cv2010 and the bracelet really isn't that far off. The gen has little to no sideways play though.

I will get one at some point, but not going to spend £400 on one.

I have the rubber too so will see what I prefer. Would never pay £250 for a tag rubber or leather strap though.

I'm getting excited for my franken now - I have these parts (or on their way)

Gen chrono hand

Gen Minuite and Hour hand

Gen rotor

ETA 7750 swiss movement (chronometer version)

Gen crown

I might even go for gen pushers.

I should have enough parts left over to fix up by old tag with silver screws and ETA datewheel.

That way I can have one franken one ss or rubber and an improved one on whatever strap I like less.


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A new Super Franken is coming soon for my friend in UK.


And it's going there with its little brother, a modded one with A7750 silver screws and ETA DW...



Then there are two RWI members in the Carrera franken club with this set up (One super franken and one beater). And maybe there already are some members out there with franken Carreras that wants to join?!





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