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Hublot BB Ayrton Senna

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I think there is only one rep out there right now, which is from the V2 maker.

The gen has a ratrrapante (or split-seconds) movement, which means it actually has TWO center-chrono seconds hands. They are placed one atop the other. The hands move together in unison until the split-seconds function is activated. On the gen, the hand that is painted green/yellow is actually the BOTTOM hand. That means you won't see the hand until the split-seconds function is activated on the watch.

The rep movement does not have the ratrrapante feature. It is a rare complication in a gen, and no rep has ever offered this function. So any rep of this watch will necessarily have only one seconds hand. I believe the rep maker chose to go without the green-yellow on the seconds hand because it is the bottom hand on the gen, and thus rarely seen.

I too think the rep loses a lot of its charm without that green/yellow hand, and that's why I've put off a purchase of this model (along with the fact that the low beat 7750 is a nightmare).

If you really must have the green/yellow second hand, check out the quartz version of the Senna. It is not at all accurate to the gen, but it does the retain the super-cool green/yellow seconds center hand! I've had mine for ages and I LOVE it. The fact that it's quartz does not bother me because the dial is so hard to see to begin with. No one will ever notice. You can get it for under $100 from the right dealer, too!


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