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KW312 with ST2555 movement

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Just received my KW pam312O v2 with ST2555 movement installed in, I have to say it’s really a great replica, as I have seen and already bought a certain quantity of replicas, but this one definitely reaches another level than any replica watch I have.


The case:
The case can be called as the best finished case rep I have bought up to days, almost each rep regardless of how well made its case, it requires some after treatments to make it look more like gens, the sharp and straight curves or corners for instance. This watch looks like infinitely close to gens no need any work at all. The finish is way better than I thought before I place my order. 10+ points to this regard.


The crystal:
The crystal is very clear and ar close to gen, couldn’t find any tinct of blue or purple reflection.

Looks good to me, lume also not bad at all, I know H factory stuff are always powering by a stronger lume, however my kw pam312 is as shine as my 243.

the engraving on caseback is deep and thick, made of sapphire crystal, which is a big improvement of this watch, you know the caseback being a part tend to be scratched easily, so this improvement is quite necessary.

The ST2555 movement is reliable and cost-friendly, keeping great time, the plate for the faux decorated bridge is wonderful, really nice job done on the engraving part, it’s a much better base movement for a p9000 rep over the A7750. But still with a major tell of the balance wheel at 6, however, gen balance wheel @7 instead, A7750 has balance wheel @11. ST2555 has a hacking function and a quickset date function, easy to wind, more gen like than A7750.

Usually the strap coming along with the watch, most likely will be replaced by the owner for a higher quality requirement, however, this is not the same case on this watch, the strap is a leather strap with embossed crocodile print. The embossing is deep and gives the watch a really nice feeling. I will absolutely use this strap and wear it a lot.


Below are some pictures I take:

Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image

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