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Birendra Lakra Tokyo Olympics medalist

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Birendra Lakra Tokyo Olympics medalist accused in childhood friend's death

International hockey big name Birendra Lakra has been accused of the suspicious loss of life of a childhood friend. The household of his childhood pal Anand Kumar Toppo has accused the Tokyo Olympic bronze medalist of having a position in their son's death.

Toppo allegedly dedicated suicide on February 28 in Bhubaneswar. The twenty-eight-year-old Anand, who hailed from the Veluhadihi village in Sundargarh district of Odisha, shared rented lodging in Bhubaneswar with Lakra and a female named Manjeet Tete, stated his family.

His physique was once allegedly located striking in the residence on February 28 in Bhubaneswar, rapidly after he had arrived from Sundargarh. Birendra had referred to as up Anand's father Bandhana and knowledgeable him about his death. "Birendra referred to as me round 12:30 pm and stated that Anand had come to be 'unconscious' and was once taken to the Capital Hospital where he was once declared dead," Bandhana knowledgeable News9 over the phone.

In a exact declaration launched earlier, his father has mentioned that the woman Manjeet first determined Anand placing from the ceiling fan with a saree round his neck, when she got here out of the bathroom. She then added him down and knowledgeable Birendra, who was once in the rental but listening to tune and could not hear any commotion.

The incident is alleged to have taken area round 10 am. Anand had married the identical month and referred to as his partner at 9.37 am and his mom at 9.50 am. The household says the dialog was once normal.

"This is virtually no longer a suicide. I am his father. I comprehend about him. My doubt is Manjeet Tete would possibly be concerned with each Birendra and my son. There is additionally one extra person. I am no longer conscious of his name. Those three of them would possibly have strangulated my son," stated Bandhana. The household has additionally alleged that the police tried to hush down the matter





















"A case has been registered however we are no longer being furnished with any details. My son was once now not supposed to go to Bhubaneswar and would possibly have been lured to go to the location and then used to be strangled there and hanged," says the father, including that Anand had plans to tour to Jharsuguda rather of Bhubaneswar.

Birendra Lakra, who is a DSP with the Odisha Police, has stored a low profile after the remember surfaced in the media. The 32-year-old was once section of India's bronze medal triumphing crew at the Tokyo Olympics and additionally led the countrywide facet at the Asia Cup, the place the group claimed bronze. 

PTI provides Anand was once reportedly determined lifeless in flat No 401 of Ayush Radium in Infocity, Patia, which belongs to Lakra, at round 10. Only Lakra and a woman named Manjeet Tete had been existing in the flat at that time, the victim's father begged to differ.

"There had been 4 people in the flat all through my son's murder. A 0.33 individual used to be additionally there who is now being protected," he was once quoted as pronouncing with the aid of PTI. "I tried to motel an FIR at the nearby police station however they did not entertain me announcing it is a suicide.

Then after few days I went to the DCP workplace and filed an a grievance however after ready for 4 months for any action, we subsequently determined to go to the media," the grieving father said. "I favor justice for my son. I do not have have confidence in Odisha Police as they are making an attempt to keep Lakra due to the fact he is a huge man.

I prefer an an unbiased inquiry into the mysterious loss of life of my son." According to sources, the incident was once a fall out of a love triangle even although each Lakra, who performs as a defender, and Anand have been married. "Anand died simply 12 days after he obtained married. He received married on February sixteen and died on 28. He used to be joyful with his marriage," Bandhana claimed. Asked if Anand had any relationship with Manjeet, Bandhan did no longer supply a clear answer. "I do not understand something like that.

But they had been reading collectively in Bhubaneswar. If some thing took place after that I do not know. Anand by no means informed us some thing about her," he said. He is additionally a two-time Asian Games medallist (gold in 2014 Incheon, bronze in 2018 Jakarta) and was once section of the silver-medal prevailing Indian group at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

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