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Clone Super Cal.3135 Movement

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All versions of clone Cal.3135 movement in the market.
1, Genuine Cal.3135
As the movement developed by Rolex, it was first used by Rolex in 1988. In 2010, Rolex used blue Parachrom Hairspring in the movement.
Wiki: Parachrom: 80% niobium +20% zirconium, silver gray, the blue color of original Rolex watch is oxide coating. Antimagnetic and shock proof, but sensitive to temperature. So the accuracy of original Rolex watches will be affected by temperature change.
2, Clone Cal.3135
There are many versions, most of them are modified from Sea-gull 2836 and ETA 2836. Based on these movements, the manufacturers engrave letters, logo and modify the rotor, engrave 3135 numbers.
Super Copy Cal.3135 movement.
This movement was used on replica Rolex for the first time in 2008. It was not modified on the basis of any movement. The Super Copy Cal.3135 is a 1:1 imitation of the original Cal.3135. Each part is 1:1 replicated according to the original. So, every component of the movement can be interchangeable with the genuine's.
The truly perfect Super Copy Cal.3135 began to appear in 2012, with upgraded blued-steel hairspring, very accurate. All movement components are 1:1 replicated and can be interchangeable with the genuine's.
Super Copy Cal.3135 movement is completely the same as the genuine 3135. It also has Geneva Stripes. But the color of the movement is more shiny than the genuine.
Posted Image
3135 engravings on.
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Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
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2 seconds faster every day, very reliable.
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Super Copy Cal.3135 movement can't be interchangeable with the watch that is equipped with ETA or Sea-gull ST movement. Because 3135 can't use the existing case and other related accessories. You can hardly buy real Super Copy Cal.3135 movement, most of them are modified from Sea-gull or ETA movement.
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Because using different time system, the manufacturer needs to remake the hands. The dial and hands on most replica watches are manufactured by different factories independently. So, on the dial of some replica watches, their hands have different lume color when compared with other dial elements. Of course, you can buy your own luminous materials and send to the factory.
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