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Guides For Beginners To Tell A Fake Panerai

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First, look at the movement, it is the easiest way to tell a fake Panerai. The factories can not imitate the in-house movement, they also can't easily imitate the Unitas, which has a swan neck regulator unique to Panerai. Fake watches really look damn good in recent years, but these won't have real Swiss ETA movement in them, most replicas use A7750 or Seagull 35J movement, when have a fake PAM in hand, you can tell it from the real one.
For a transparent glass case back, you can easily spot the movement from the following things:
1, ETA stamping. Cheap copies from China don't have ETA stamps on them under the balance.
2, Incablock. China fakes have a different type of protector installed.
3, Swan neck. It is non-functional on a replica, the shape is different, micro-adjustment screw is much shorter. The screws that are used to fix the swan neck to the movement plates are also different.
4, Gears. Replicas have different finish.
5, Engravings on plates and rotor. Replicas usually use painted lettering in wrong color and incorrect font. For example, taller letters and fatter print than the genuine. Of course, some high-end PAMs replicas out there have perfect engravings like the genuine, but not 100% the same.
If the back is solid, check the dial and see how deep it is. The sandwich dial of a real Panerai watch has a lot of depth. The letter "A" on the dial is also one way to spot most replica PAMs. Look at the pics of genuine PAMs, the horizontal line on the replica is much higher than it on the fakes, while the rep has it positioned much closer to the "feet" of the letter. Besides, the lume shot on the dial, fakes have poor lume effect. A real PAM glows brightly all night long in any light condition, even if you are outside, you can see the lume glowing. Reps often use a green-tinged lume to imitate the dial lume effect of a real Panerai.
Crown Guard
That's also easy to spot. The edges of crown guard on replicas are not straight, the CG pin that keeps the crown locked is always slightly loose or having a big gap, while on the genuine one, it will be tight.
The AR coating on the glass of real Panerai watch will not give a blueish hue or tinge, while most replicas will give off a blueish hue. Even the crystals of some high end PAMs replicas are properly coated colorless, but not as clear as the genuine. Because of crappy machining on fakes, you'll see large gaps between the bezel and crystal, usually inconsistent gaps from side to side.
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