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Found 8 results

  1. Now most famous factories producing 1:1 replicas on market, their names followed by: N factory, also called as N maker, Noob Maker, Mr. Creme De La Cr
  2. To pay tribute to the outstanding contribution to the JU-AIR Airlines, IWC Pilot Chronograph launch a special "JU-AIR" special edition, limited edition of 500 worldwide. The replica is appear now, most replica watch lover must like it. This IWC JU-AIR stainless steel replica watch adhering cockpit instrument panel design classic aviator style watches. Satin silver dial with hour, minute and "12:00", "3:00", "6:00" and "9:00" markers are covered with white luminous coating, to ensure that the wearer in a dimly lit under conditions still clearly read the time. The central chronograph hand is second hand, "12:00" pointer at the position on the dial indicates the cumulative small number of minutes. This watch includes a flyback function, press the reset button chronograph instantly zero, and start a new round of counting immediately. Position at "6:00" displays a small red second hand watch is working properly, and if it can be adjusted from time to time to stop. Watch equipped with the Swiss Valjoux 7750 mechanical movement, minutes and seconds simultaneously with the timing function. The date display window design looks like a cockpit instrument panel shape, digital and altimeter its vertically arranged exactly the same design, eye-catching red triangular flag indicates the current date, This design has now become the hallmark of the IWC Pilot's Watches, which is inspired by the red lights on the aircraft instrument panel. The case back engraved "One out of 500" words indicates its limited edition noble status.
  3. Diameter: 39mm Movement: Swiss ETA 2824 Case: 316L stainless steel Crystal: Sapphire crystal http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Audemars-Piguet-Royal-Oak-39mm-Swiss-ETA-2824-Automatic-Full-Steel-with-Grey-Dial-and-Stick-Markers---1%253A1-Original-%2528ZF%2529/8fe4ad5fe05e2671b9def703fab996b4
  4. The left is Gen, the right is Rep.
  5. Few people know there are several versions of P.9000 movement, there are basically 3 versions of P.9000 used by most high end replicas in the market. 1, KW version. The earliest clone P.9000 movement, which is also the version most close to the genuine. There are big jewels in pink color, the brush-finishing, polishing and chamfered angles are also different from other P.9000 versions. 2, P.9000 from Noob. Cloned from KW's, with smaller jewels in red color. The first generation of P.9000 from Noob was lack of 2 blue screws on shock absorber. 3, ZF P.9000. Just added 2 blue screws on the shock absorber on the basis of Noob P.9000. Some scam websites don't know the reality and all claim that their P.9000 clones are from Noob, actually Noob factory doesn't manufacture replica watches with P.9000 automatic movement. Currently, KW makes the best P.9000 clone movement, the genuine also uses pink jewels.
  6. http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Panerai-Luminor-GMT-P9001/9f90d9cd82bdafb7d6efa132dcaf406e
  7. gambo

    About PAM 382

    How to tell that the PAM 382 is from KW or ZF?
  8. 1, Movement with replaced plates. Look at the second picture above, the rubies and blued-steel screws are in the same position as that on the first image. After being replaced with the movement plates that are manufactured and polished according to the genuine, the whole clone movement is much closer to the outlook and functions of the target movement. 2, Movement with original Incabloc or Novodiac shock absorber. We had discussed the shock absorber question when identifying ETA 2824/2836 movement, here is the topic http://www.rw-forum.com/topic/22-how-to-identify-eta-28242836/, but if a Sea-Gull 2824 also had been replaced with a Novodiac and runs at 28800BPH, then how to identify it for a beginner? 3, Independent replicated movement. Look at the picture above, it is a cloned P.3000, but features the same appearance and function as the Panerai in-hour P.3000. Two barrels, surprisingly the power reserve is up to 144 hours. That PAM 372 is manufactured by NEW factory. 4, P.9000 clone movement. There are a lot of factories using this type of movement, like ZF, KW and other small manufacturers. All clone P.9000 in the market is using surface mounting technology on the movement plates to make sure they look the same as the original P.9000 Caliber. There are basically two versions of this movement, the first one doesn't have screws on shock absorber, the second one has 2 blued steel screws. The picture below is a comparison between P.9000 used by ZF 386 and a genuine P.9000 movement. We can see the difference from the picture, and for this level of cloned P.9000, without sense to say whether it has blued steel screws or not.
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