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Found 12 results

  1. Now most famous factories producing 1:1 replicas on market, their names followed by: N factory, also called as N maker, Noob Maker, Mr. Creme De La Cr
  2. Rolex Submariner Steel Pre-Owned 16610 Custom Green by Noob. I bought it last week and gave it to my fiancé as his birthday present. I think this website:www.kokoluxury.com is very good. Have you bought it on it?
  3. TediT

    Noob V7 problem

    Hi, This is my very first post on watches. I just bought a Noob V7 with SA3135 movement for $420 and I think it has a problem. The time keeps getting behind, but not all the time. For example when I leave it on the table it tells the time perfectly even after 2 days; when I wear it works perfectly but sometimes it gets behind. Maybe the movement is not calibrated good inside the case and it touches the case when my hands move? Its very strange. As I mentioned before Im new to replicas so some advise will be much appreciated. Thank you, Tedi
  4. Explorer 2 V4. Specification: Case diameter: 42mm Material: 316L stainless steel Dial: White Crystal: Sapphire Crown: 316L stainless steel Water Resistance: 100m Photos of real products. The replica with red mark is Explorer V4 from Noob factory, the other is BP. Look at the crown of the two watches, I think it is the same. The bezel markers on Noob have a deeper engraving than that on BP. Noob Explorer 2 has a lighter orange hand in color. Noob has blue AR coating on the cyclops lens, while the Explorer 2 rep of BP doesn't have. Check the "Crown" on the buckle. The upper one is Noob. The crown position of the two watches is different. The crown on BP is a little outward. I see there are no difference on clasp. The engravings on inner bezel. Absolutely, the Noob is better and has a stronger three-dimensional feel. The left watch below is from Noob, the right one is BP. Both have strong blue lume.
  5. Purchased this watch from a dealer's webiste, having been wearing it for several weeks, the quality is good and time accurate. The price is $330, I think it is a little expensive, what's your opinion?
  6. Just bought the watch two weeks ago, what do you think of it?
  7. I'm new here and also brand new to replicas, I want to buy a Rolex Submariner watch as my first replica, I have spent a lot of time on sellers websites and trying to find the best replica, but there are one thing I don't understand, one site says the best Submariner Noob edition while another site says that he has the best version from J12 factory, so, I'm confused now and don't know how to choose, this is my first replica, so I want to get help from you guys, which factory has the best Sub that is more close to genuine? Thanks.
  8. Few people know there are several versions of P.9000 movement, there are basically 3 versions of P.9000 used by most high end replicas in the market. 1, KW version. The earliest clone P.9000 movement, which is also the version most close to the genuine. There are big jewels in pink color, the brush-finishing, polishing and chamfered angles are also different from other P.9000 versions. 2, P.9000 from Noob. Cloned from KW's, with smaller jewels in red color. The first generation of P.9000 from Noob was lack of 2 blue screws on shock absorber. 3, ZF P.9000. Just added 2 blue screws on the shock absorber on the basis of Noob P.9000. Some scam websites don't know the reality and all claim that their P.9000 clones are from Noob, actually Noob factory doesn't manufacture replica watches with P.9000 automatic movement. Currently, KW makes the best P.9000 clone movement, the genuine also uses pink jewels.
  9. First, the Noob edition, ceramic dial, better hands, Sea-gull 2836-2 movement, sapphire crystal with colorless AR coating. Next, BP version, brushed metal dial similar to ceramic, the base plate of the movement doesn't have perlage decoration.
  10. http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Noob-Rolex-Explorer-II-3187/4b804cd23b5bdf4b489646959c465cd3
  11. It is a Noob version PAM111, now I'm going swimming with it, it it safe for the watch?
  12. It's boring to make a comparison like that, everyone knows that PAM111 manufactured by Noob factory is the best, it uses Sea-gull 6497 movement, which has a pefect stability. There are some methods to tell a Non-Noob PAM111, learn from the pictures below.
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