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Found 4 results

  1. No. 10: Mark XVII In February and March, the rep Mark XVII by MK factory had been sold for over one hundred pieces in each month, as a hot model, this watch was usually out of stock. Noob doesn't make this watch. No. 9: Mido Baroncelli White Sea-gull 2824 movement. High quality and cost-effective. No. 8: Santos Classic square shape, developed by V6 factory, Sea-gull 2824 movement, leather straps. No. 7: Ballon Bleu Many manufacturers make Ballon Bleu replicas, but the two most popular are V6 and NEW factories(Noob doesn't make Ballon Bleu). V6 uses 2824, NEW uses 9015, they are almost the same in stability. However, the replica Ballon Bleu that uses 2824 movement is a little heavier. Good Ballon Bleu replicas feature a transparent blue sapphire crown and the axis of hands on the dial must be in white color. No. 6: Tudor Heritage Black Bay Compared with V1, the upgraded V2 Tissot Black Bay was greatly improved in quality, it becomes one of the most accurate replica brand watches in market and in hot sale. No. 5: Explorer 2 Explorer is a classic model of Rolex, blue lume and orange hand are its iconic features. Noob released the V4 Explorer 2, which has a high degree of imitation. No. 4: Portofino(Sweep Seconds) Sweep Seconds, beige dial, black alligator leather strap, light blue AR coating, these factors make IWC Portofino become the biggest dress watch brand. The sales of Portofino has gone beyond Mark XVII. The replica watch is equipped with 2892 movement, 39mm dial fits for wrists in any size. No. 3: Planet Ocean 1948 Among the sales of diving-style watches in replica world, there is a Omega Planet Ocean 1948 in every five watches. Limited quantity, solid caseback and Noob factory, they all make it the most popular model in diving-style watches. No. 2: V4 Submariner No. 1: AP 15703 The champion should be left for 15703. The watch is really high end whether in quality, finish or details. Fine drawing on case, full weight and the details are processed well.
  2. Explorer 2 V4. Specification: Case diameter: 42mm Material: 316L stainless steel Dial: White Crystal: Sapphire Crown: 316L stainless steel Water Resistance: 100m Photos of real products. The replica with red mark is Explorer V4 from Noob factory, the other is BP. Look at the crown of the two watches, I think it is the same. The bezel markers on Noob have a deeper engraving than that on BP. Noob Explorer 2 has a lighter orange hand in color. Noob has blue AR coating on the cyclops lens, while the Explorer 2 rep of BP doesn't have. Check the "Crown" on the buckle. The upper one is Noob. The crown position of the two watches is different. The crown on BP is a little outward. I see there are no difference on clasp. The engravings on inner bezel. Absolutely, the Noob is better and has a stronger three-dimensional feel. The left watch below is from Noob, the right one is BP. Both have strong blue lume.
  3. The ultimate edition of Explorer 2 replica published by BP factory. The same quality as Noob Explorer 2 except for some subtle difference, see here, http://www.rw-forum.com/topic/208-pictures-comparison-of-explorer-2-between-bp-and-noob/. The watch is also among the top ten best-selling replica watches which we have talked before in this topic, http://www.rw-forum.com/topic/203-buying-guide-for-beginners-top-10-best-selling-replica-watches/. http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Rolex-Explorer-2-BP-Maker/1add74cedaeadf005b03fe1932e19be7
  4. I want to buy a rep Explorer 2 watch, certainly the Noob edition will be the best. But the problem is my wrist is small, I want to change a leather strap for it, so what type is good?
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