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  1. At 35% off of 1600 is still above 895.00 right? I am not really good with negotiating a price if I like the dealer and they have the perfect watch. I like practicing though.
  2. Wow that is cool Scone. A rolly eh? These guys aren't the worst price I have seen but I would bet you could find one at the dealer with papers and negotiate a better price. http://www.authenticwatches.com/tag-heu ... t6004.html
  3. I think Fakie likes it. 140.00 for a quartz sounds reasonable if it has a sapphire crystal and if includes the shipping. What does the gen cost gray market? Ok I found out it's 875.00 grey market with a 2yr independent warranty and life time bats. So let's do the math. 6.25 payments of 140.00 gets you the gen. That is 70 bucks a paycheck or 140.00 per month. Tempting! You could buy the rep, wear it for a while, turn it in 8 months if you like it and get the gen.
  4. r2d4

    TAG Grand Carrera

    Good way to stop the subsequent flaming!!!! [smilie=hello2.gif] [smilie=hello2.gif] [smilie=hello2.gif] [smilie=hello2.gif] [smilie=hello2.gif] [smilie=hello2.gif] [smilie=hello2.gif] [smilie=hello2.gif] [smilie=hello2.gif] [smilie=hello2.gif] [smilie=hello2.gif] [smilie=hello2.gif] [smilie=hello2.gif] [smilie=hello2.gif] I try. And I also know GTE will get a kick out of his new signature.
  5. r2d4

    TAG Grand Carrera

    R2D4 says GTE is ok bringing watches to the AD, he is friends with them. He brings em in and plops em down, so no worries. Flames NOT!!
  6. Now that I have studied them on the tag website, it looks as if they did indeed black out the date window, but I am not sold on the indices.
  7. Great Post! Are you basing your decision to mod the date window, markers and sub dials based on what you see in pictures or did you go look at one? The reason I ask, is that at different lighting angles you have a different effect, also photographers use black as a background so anything in the background may reflect that color. The one I saw at the AD was a black dial so I didn't really notice it TBH, at least it didn't stand out. Maybe these are black steeled I don't know that for sure. Anyway, this watch is on my list and it's thanks to you.
  8. Cool, I can't wait to see it. Any teaser?
  9. Perpetual, that's what it's called. Anyway, that looks pretty cool. I wonder if they will come out with a sapphire version.
  10. Oh, I will go read about somewhere else then. For us slow people: 1 date wheel needs to have 0-9 for 9,19 and 29 This is why some watches display 39. This movement doesn't have a corrector mechanism to make the disk go back to 0 after 3 rounds in a month. Is that correct?
  11. Congrats Tag! Can't wait to see it. @ Fakie, you are one Mystical dude, don't let anyone tell you differently.
  12. Fakey is that a question? Just come out and say it bro.
  13. LMAO! HK, you are one of a kind. Spic, what are we talking about here? Rep to Rep. 7750 to a 21J layout? Got any pics? I am curious too. I love both models.
  14. This is second run v2 , 43MM as per gen http://www.watcheden.com/tag-heuer-carr ... 8-p-1.html This is the first run 41MM http://www.watcheden.com/tag-heuer-carr ... 8-p-1.html
  15. 1. The Brad Pitt Tag Carrera Chronograph is 41MM this is Date only. 2. The New Tag Carrera Chronograph (Day Date) in Black or White is 43MM 3. The Grand Carrera Chronograph is 43MM Which one did you order? If you ordered #2 the rep makers did make a 41MM version call it V1. The newer version call it V2 is 43MM as per the gen.
  16. r2d4

    Post your Tag here...

    Cybee, that Carrera is very nice. Is it an ETA?
  17. r2d4

    Post your Tag here...

    Wow that's some nice stuff Spirit! Love the shirt!
  18. r2d4

    Post your Tag here...

    Gottcha fixed up Steve. Images are ok now. Thanks for sharing. Here is mine. I have an urge to buy another thanks to all of you. :twisted:
  19. Did you chat with yourself and come to that conclusion? Let me know if you tried my idea for your band.
  20. I will or might soften the strap too.
  21. Boil the strap for 1 minute and contour it to fit your wrist. Also, you can reverse the strap between lugs and try that.
  22. I don't think an AD would dupe you. Go and compare yours to theirs. Contrary to what you may have heard, AD's are there to support you. I know at least the more reputable dealers would feel sorry for you and give you a bigger discount on a new one.
  23. Well that makes more sense, I was starting to get worried about Fakie. I still come up with no Pic on the Watcheden link but I trust it's quartz as yall mentioned.
  24. Why was seconds at 6 brought into this conversation? Am I missing anything here? This watch has seconds at 9 unless you wear the watch sideways. 6 is still at the bottom and 12 at the top correct? Are we talking about the Watcheden link that I cannot see?
  25. Yes I agree with you here. But, after you see it in person you get a better idea of what it's about. Seconds at 6 though? [smilie=icon_scratch.gif]
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