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    I am looking at getting my wife a TAG rep for Christmas. The ones she has liked are the F1 Ceramic's:




    I am curious how the 'diamonds' look in the reps. Are they just crystal? Are they just low grade diamonds? TAG Ladies F1 diamonds are already lower quality compared to any of their other lines, so I am curious if someone has some pics of these watches and the quality of the stones?




    I have an ETA 2824-2 movement in my rolex milgauss GV rep and it works great, however, the watch has begun to not wind on it's own. I can manual wind the piece fine and it will work for the time period, but does not automatically wind. Thinking this could just be the rotor seized up? Can I just take off the caseback and apply some lubrication to be able to free up the rotor?



    I would have to agree saying that if you are wanting it as close to gen as possible right out of the box you'll have to go with the standard aqua terra or railmaster. The seamasters, POs, and Speedmasters will need a little work to become very close to gen. Most will not have the best AR done though out of the box.








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