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  1. Motte

    Crystal Height

    Yep, very high compared to the 1665. Keep in mind that 1665 bezel if more or less double in heigh that the 1680 ones. I suggest you install a tropic 19, 1680 and 5513 has the same case so the effect is the same on both watches. Take a look at my 1680 with a T-19:
  2. The first dial did not come out looking good enough. I just did a second one. I will put it together and take pictures to see if you like it.
  3. Motte

    Relumed MBW 1680 dial

    Very nice dail Klocklind. And Andy don't be so modest your reluming of my 1680 dial cmoes close to this one Carpe Diem Cats
  4. Motte

    Crown 24 702

    pm me if interested.
  5. I guess you could sell it here, but maybe just see if one of your friends wants to buy it from you, that way you would not even have to spend money posting it to someone.
  6. Wasn't me, I'm not really ready yet. A couple months ago I was though, and everytime I found one to consider..someone grabbed it. Whoever bought it probably got a good deal Thanks for the info Auto...always learn from your posts
  7. Congrats. Real beauty. Looks like there's a working hev there?
  8. Congratulations on 'having a go'.........I remember the first time also. It appears that you have taken quite a 'literal' approach to one, or two reknown ageing/modding techniques. The coin in the bag treatment is/was intended for the external surfaces of the watch only I suspect your drill bit was indeed a 2mm bit? But again, great start and looking forward to seeing what you do with your new 'polishing bits' when they arrive we all start somewhere
  9. If Boni lists it as a gen, you can be certain it's a gen.
  10. Hi, Can anyone help please, I am looking to buy a ladies yachtmaster case 35mm, model 168622 Can anyone point me in the right direction Cheers
  11. I recently picked up some gen dials and am looking to drop one into a Noob case Exp.II The thing is the dial opening is 27.0mm and the dial is 27.3mm It'll set in the case without falling through but .3mm isn't much of a seating surface for the dial. I've seen several gen dials put into the discontinued Noob Exp.II cases. The dial needs to be securely fastened to the mvt. and the mvt will need to be perfectly centered. Perhaps some of you that have already tackled this feat could offerer some pointers, info or advice on the best way to go about doing it. I really appreciate. Thanks guys.
  12. Thanks your comments!! I already have gen dial and insert. I will order the tube and crown. Also, TC will offer the 2824 movement that can fit to my gen case. All i need now is gen crystal and chapter ring, right?? Do you really think that the Jmb can make the chapter ring?? If he can, my project is going to be easy!!!
  13. Motte


    flol im in the west end too no mate i dont have any reps for sale yet im greedy lol i have 2 from josh at perfect clones and one from a cracking sub from BK if you want to see it before ordering one let me know and i can let you see it
  14. Motte


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